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Our Workflow

The digital world requires collaboration, and better collaboration leads to better results. When it comes to creating, it is necessary to have a simple way to manage the process and iterate efficiently without any constraints.  For many project managers, designers and marketers, it is crucial that they know that the road to making their ideas come to life is based on a solid, tried and true process.


The first stage of any project is where ideas, opinions, strategies and creative collaborations begin.  Whether you have a single idea or a giant list of them, this important stage is where we put them all out on the table and begin a collaborative brainstorm in efforts to create the most appropriate content that serves your original idea. If you’re working on a marketing or design team, or if you’re producing a TV show, podcast or any other creative endeavor, it’s crucial to decide on the format of the brainstorming sessions at the outset. It’s also helpful to figure out where you store your ideas, who compiles them and who makes editorial decisions. This is where scripts are born, storyboards are created and ideas become achievable dreams.


Pre-production comes early in the film making process, after development and before production. It involves finalizing the script, hiring the actors and crew, finding locations, determining what equipment you will need and figuring out the budget. Pre-production is the planning stage of a film, where you solidify all the details of your project before producing content. Following a simple multi step process of script breakdown, creating a  budget, lining up a schedule,  ​​planning out the details of execution, casting the right talent and ending it all with the excitement of rehearsals, gives the first glimpse of the original idea coming to life.


The production stage, also known as principal photography, is when shooting begins. During this short time frame, the budget may allow for additional crew to be hired. For example, a script supervisor to check for script continuity while filming and a prop's master to acquire and oversee any of your film’s props. The hair, makeup and costume departments will handle the actors' visual appearance and actors will rehearse their lines and block scenes. Your production coordinator will supervise the day-to-day and make sure all supplemental departments like catering, billing and scheduling have the necessary resources to stay on track. Camera operators and grips will follow the shooting plan set by the director and cinematographer, capturing all the necessary footage. Picture and sound editors are also hired during this time, allowing them access to the footage for organization so they may begin to assemble them into a sequence so that a rough cut is ready for review as soon as possible. 

Post Production

Post-production phase is when the audio and visual materials are cut together to create a film, and happens after principal shooting is complete. An editor assembles footage shot-by-shot, adds music (either original or licensed) and incorporates other sound and visual effects. Some elements of filming, like pick-up shots, voice over or ADR may be included in the post-production phase.  We use the best editors and the latest tools and software to weave it all together into a compelling work that is designed to move people.  

Delivery and Distribution

Times have changed in the world of distribution and are ever evolving in this digital age.  Navigating the options available takes a careful examination and evaluation of your project. Thankfully, due to careful planning and development, a plan has been in place since the beginning that gives you a road map to success. This final stage of production occurs after your project has been edited and is ready for viewing. Appropriate promotional marketing will advertise your project and any commitments to investors and rights holders will be completed. Depending on your distribution deal, your project may be released into a variety of platforms including theaters, on DVD or online digital media outlets.

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BTS: Documenting the creation of your project is often an overlooked part of your plan.  We find that photographing this process is an important step in creating anticipation of your project.  Quality BTS photos and videos are essential for your social media campaigns, future interviews and press releases.

Product Photography:  We know that striving for perfection in capturing the right imagery is so important to your brand and the success of your product.  We approach all photography assignments with the same careful steps as we do in creating a film project.

Portrait photography:  We love capturing the essence of an individual in the most poignant and soul stirring way. We carefully consider our subjects and allow for this vulnerable process to feel natural and authentic.

Time lapse and more: Capturing the emotion of a person, place, product or process requires pushing the limits of technology and creativity without limitations. Capturing scenes utilizing time lapse, ultra slow motion, long exposures and many other techniques are all considerations and always a part of our creative tool box.

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