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We are original

Who we are

The principals at WonderMouse Studios have been creating visual stories that move the viewer’s soul for over 30 years. Based in Ventura, California, WonderMouse Studios productions merge art and science, seamlessly. Producing an emotionally engaging and memory-provoking story requires just the right blend of artistry and a keen understanding of social science and consumer behavior.


WonderMouse Studios produces both long form and short form video production created to engage viewers through the purposeful use of masterful techniques and artistry when selecting the appropriate genre, preparing a penetrating script, choosing a captivating style and establishing an alluring mood and tone.


The entire WonderMouse Studios crew has an unrelenting passion for filmmaking by developing and producing visual stories that engage the viewing audience on an emotional level and leave a lasting impression with them. If our work doesn’t create an authentic emotional effect and reaction from the viewer, we haven’t done our job.



Fortunately, we always do our job and do it well.

What we do

Based in Ventura, California, The Producers at WonderMouse Studios live and breath the directive. Show, don’t just tell. We have been molding and shaping inspirational stories that grab the imagination, entice the emotions and compel a response, for over 30 years. Through the subtle, yet intentional, interweaving of the Art of Cinema and the Science of Consumer Psychology, our client’s message is certain to captivate and motivate viewers in a predetermined direction.

At WonderMouse Studios we believe that the work we create is a direct reflection of the confidence we have in all our productions. Simply put we strive to exceed expectations and make clients happy.



The producers at WonderMouse Studios have an unyielding passion to craft and deliver visual stories, in short or long form, that first trigger and then satisfy deep-rooted human desires. If our work  doesn’t form an authentic emotional connection with viewers, we haven’t done our job.

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