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Effective collaboration is an absolute necessity in the film making process. We consider each and every person who has put any effort into our productions, part of our WonderMouse family.  In order to turn ideas into movies, supportive relationships with people in many areas of expertise are needed. Film making requires, not just people who have mastered skills in the creative, technical, financial world, but people who are critical, empathetic and purpose driven with broad visions to make the world a better place. If you have something special to contribute, we would love to hear from you! We currently have projects that need support in various areas.  So don't be shy! Your contribution is never too small for us to consider.

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A true underdog story about a reclusive runner who is past his prime. Muri Rara lives a quiet and solitary life and has become a reflection of the city's forgotten past. Working as a fry cook at a popular greasy spoon, running long distances and caring for the city's stray animals is his daily regimine. His routine is abruptly broken when his life collides with his alcoholic neighbor Debra and her daughter Leigh when they get evicted from their apartment. Debra and Leigh have been on the run from an abusive man for several years and have survived by living on the fringe of society with its many outcasts. Things come to a head When Leigh is abandoned by her mother and is thrust into the hands of Muri who reluctantly becomes Leigh’s caretaker. Complications arise when Muri realizes that he too must live in hiding if he is to protect Leigh from her abusive father. Muri sets his eyes on winning the city's international marathon and must run the race of his life in order to have a chance of saving this little girl's future.

We have completed production on "The Runner" short.  But no reason to be dismayed.  We have a Feature script that we are excited  to produce.  If you have skills, talent, financial interests and would like to enquire further please reach out to us and tell us how you would like to be involved. 


Documentary filmmaking has been a staple of our production experience.  Since 1989 we have produced, edited, shot, and directed documentaries for some of the largest networks and channels including National Geographic, the History Channel, Travel Channel, A&E, PBS, Discovery Channel and more.  We currently have several documentaries in development with diverse themes including  adventure, historical, crime and mystery.

If you have skills, talent, financial interests and would like to enquire further please reach out to us and tell us how you would like to be involved. 

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